Our Mission

What is Arcadia and why is our publishing company named after a new one? Arcadia traces its roots back to classical Greece. According to legend, Arcadia was the home of the god Pan. Fast forward to the Renaissance, and Arcadia referred to an unspoiled land of pastoral beauty and grace–a paradise on earth. We’re all for paradise and so we borrowed the name. New Arcadia Publishing’s physical home is Bowen Island, just a twenty minute ferry ride from West Vancouver, BC, the location of our mailing address.  We love our home and value its close-knit community. To us, “New Arcadia” has come to symbolize our hopes as a species to celebrate and live in harmony and peace.

What has all this to do with a publishing company? Everything! Each project we take on has at its core our commitment to improving our lives and sustaining life on our planet. This commitment does not need to be overt, but always the books published exist to help improve lives in holistic and important ways.

We believe that everything we publish should contribute in some way to building our own New Arcadia here on earth.


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